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Malaysia is a land of fascination, discovery, adventure, enchanting paradise and blend of traditional and contemporary niceties.

The natural environment, the friendliness and warmth of the different races of people living in peace and harmony is a testimonial by itself whether one is on business or otherwise, that every day in Malaysia is a wonderful day.

Malaysia’s culinary heritage is as varied as her many people, the richly spiced food of the Malays and Indians, in delicious contrast to the subtle skilfully blended flavour of Chinese cooking.

Traditional Malaysian cuisine offers a hand-picked selection of recipes representative of the cream of the nations cuisine.

The best Malay dishes are spicy and fragrant curies, rendang, nasi lemak, etc. They are almost always served with rice and an assortment of Malay salad and vegetables.

Without doubt the most popular Malay dish is ‘satay’, chunks of marinated meat on coconut skewers, barbecued over a charcoal fire and served with spicy sweet peanut sauce.

Visit Malaysia and discover the land of fascination, or come and discover the Malaysian cuisine at our restaurant.